I’m passionate about bringing out the best in people. I love to teach and coach. I enjoy motivating people and helping them find their true purpose. I am your partner. I am a provider, leader, Entrepreneur, businessman investor that wants to accelerate innovation and build a better world. Specifically, through inspiring and helping leaders and their teams access their true potential.


About Clif

Leadership with the “R” word.


Results. No excuses, no empty 5-syllable vocab words.


It’s the reason networks are 100% more productive and 60% more profitable as business owners than they were before.


And let’s call it like it is you have as close to 1 million different ways you could or should be improving your business – but you’re not and there’s often no clarity on the end-result. People need direction and then the motivation to move forward.


So that’s why you must find something that *actually works* so you and your team can return to the top of your “A” game. Especially in these uncertain times.


You need the ability to inspire excellence, drive past obstacles, and get back to the FOUNDATION of any business, profits with work life balance.  Nowadays you must do it in a way that boosts comradery and creates real momentum.


That’s why making the right decisions in your business ALWAYS comes back to “the R word.”


Result. What gets measured, gets managed.


I can help you figure out where you need to start, and where you should be going next – so you can get the results you need right away, the right way.


For years I’ve helped leaders like you make themselves invaluable to their companies, accomplish jaw-dropping results with the teams they lead, and I have even stepped in to directly challenge the status quo with techniques and speeches that propel people towards excellence.

Most of my career has been spent as a corporate leader, but if you go far enough back in my life, you’ll find out that I started from the floor level.


I have started from the bottom, so you do not have to. You can simply learn my unique leadership style, created after a lot of trials and tribulations, and gain my knowledge with a discount on the years of tough lessons that taught it to me.

I can help you accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible, because where you are right now can be your new starting position.

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